3 Senators Take On Big Pharma

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Senators Harkin, Leahy and Franken ask the FDA to permit generic drug manufacturers to make changes to the drug label. This includes adding new warnings. This will allow generic drug manufacturers to be sued for failing to warn for the side effects of their products. The Supreme Court recently ruled that injured people CANNOT sue generic drug manufacturers. A change … Read More

The Bark’s Best Of The Week March 2, 2012

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Top Five News For The Week Ending March 2, 2012 Enterprise pressured not to rent vehicles under recall. You can rent a car today that is under a safety recall and not know it. FDA Releases Industry Guidance Asking Drugmakers To Explain Delays In Adverse Event Reporting. Drugmakers unable to report timely post-market adverse events during a flu outbreak should notify … Read More

Major NY Hospital Caught Bilking Medicare

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Beth Israel Hospital will pay the federal government $13 million for fraudulently inflating bills to Medicare, in a settlement that provides a rare glimpse into financial decision-making among hospital executives. Federal prosecutors alleged that Beth Israel abused a system of “outlier payments” that lets hospitals bill Medicare — the healthcare system for the elderly — at higher rates for cases … Read More

Medicare Fraud Is Out Of Control

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Times are tough. Everyone is feeling the pinch of a bad economy. Unfortunately financial pressures lead some people to do the wrong thing. Now, more than ever, healthcare providers are being caught billing Medicare for services never performed or received. Medicare is health insurance provided by the federal government for people 65 or older and people under 65 with certain … Read More

The Bark’s Best Of The Week February 25, 2012

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[hr] Can Obama’s New Consumer Privacy Bill Keep Your Data Safe? Today, the Obama administration is to unveil a new Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, which it hopes to roll out in order to protect people’s privacy online. The question is, can it work? Chemical Used For Stripping Bathtubs Kills 13. Financial connections between drug recommendations and drugmakers. A very … Read More

The Bark’s Best Of The Week February 17, 2012

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My top five stories return this week with a little bit of the same ‘ole. Johnson & Johnson is having the worst two-and-a-half year run in the history of the 126 year old company in my opinion. The EPA FINALLY got around to releasing their long anticipating dioxin safety assessment. Without further ado, here are the top five stories for … Read More